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GM: Danitsia
Server: Naima
Faction: West (Human, Elven)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: PvE/PvP
Alliances: IRONFIST & Latinus

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GM: Ocnarian
Faction: Horde
Server: Bleeding Hollow (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Hardcore PvE
Alliance: TLPAlliance

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GM: Danitsia
Faction: Horde
Server: Arthas (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Casual PvE
Alliance: None.

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GM: Pandora (Danitsia)
Server: Catskills (US)
Guild Name: CoD
Style: Role Playing Only
Alliance: Order vs. Chaos


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  TLP: ArcheAge 2015  
  Posted by Danitsia on January 5th, 2015  

This year has been really amazing for us. ArcheAge has suffered some during the first few months of release, due to development and server availability issues, but I think we can really start to look ahead. We are starting to do the 10m raids and looking forward to the addition of the up and coming 20m raid, so PvE Raiding is certainly a more focused goal for us in ArcheAge. We are also looking to do more sea battles, joint efforts with our allies --- IRONFIST & Latinus --- to defend our claimed territories in Auroria, and more small group roaming PvP.

One thing we're definitely looking forward to do this year is get our Server-Wide PvP Tournament going. We'll be working on updating the TLP-PvP Ladder website: www.tlp-pvpladder.com to give all our visitors and possible contestants a way to see the rules, review the prizes, see the current POT, and register/update etc. We're considering giving away $3,000 in cash prizes to hopefully allow for our winners to upgrade their computers.

In June, per our long standing tradition, we WILL be bringing the Pride Parade 2015 to Arche Age to celebrate the differences of all our members, and not just our members, but everyone around the world. We're a beautifully diverse single race --- human beings. Of course, our Pride Flags will be amply displayed on our "floats" and we will be asking all the members and participants to proudly wear the colors of the rainbow!

<3 Dani

  The Race Is on!  
  Posted by Danitsia on November 7th, 2014  

This Saturday at 5PM Eastern 2PM Pacific join as for a row boat race of danger and surprise! The race starts in dangerous lands jumping for your lives into the ocean shoars only to be faced by fierc creatures then row for your lives across open waters where dangers of pirates could lurk then finally hit the docks outside of Crescent Throne to jump out on foot and race to Central Square where you will find Aewyn dancing atop her favorite spot waiting for you with a drink and a prize to be had!

<3 Dani

  TLP Triathalon: ArcheAge Style  
  Posted by Danitsia on October 25th, 2014  

Our guild put together a very fun, special event for our guildies. WINNERS were: Josh (1), Cerealkiller (2), and Nahri (3). Congratulations and we're looking forward to doing this at the faction-wide level really soon!

A very special thank you to Aewyn and Karh for putting this whole thing together for us to enjoy and let loose! I'll be sure to slap my husband around a bit for being a cheater! :)

<3 Dani

  Kindergarten Pays Off  
  Posted by Danitsia on October 18th, 2014  

And we all learned to get in line and wait your turn. THIS IS HOW WE DO IT!!!!!

<3 Dani

  Big Loads Hauled in Big Ships  
  Posted by Danitsia on October 12th, 2014  

TLP gets a merchant ship and loads it up with goodies. Off to our favorite places to deliver the big loads!

<3 Dani

  Its All About That BASS  
  Posted by Danitsia on October 5th, 2014  

Fishing is one of the best ways to get some money in your pocket in ArcheAge. Chum the waters, get some lures, some fishing poles, and go fight the good fight. Fishing boats are awesome and I am glad we got one in the guild!!! It sells the lures and chum right from the deck of the boat and has plenty of storage for those big hauls!

<3 Dani

  Galleons Raise Their Sails  
  Posted by Danitsia on September 26th, 2014  

And then a week and a half later, Skinmachine gets his Galleon with the collective help of all TLP'ers.

<3 Dani

  TLP Christens the Aurora  
  Posted by Danitsia on September 18th, 2014  

On September 14th, both Tal and Stryfe got their brand new clipper boats. Unfortunately Tal couldn't be there, but we did get to christen Stryfe's boat, "The Aurora" and took her out for a spin. The end was filled with treacherous waters and Kennae was nervously keeping to the middle... she didn't want to get her hair wet (or loose her pack!). Xulle ended up thrown overboard a few times; I think swimming in open water should be a new skill. We did have a few others go over... and learned that one should never ever AFK on a boat!

When we got to our destination, Kennae proceeded to take her position (bent over, of course!) when several rival faction douches jumped on her. There was little we could do to save her from her fate (which really pisses me off and Trion has to fix that!) but one of those dumbasses started to AOE, so I had a nice little one on one action with that one, alas he was 34 and I was 22, so he beat me down but not before I got my licks on him!

Oh the joys of being part of TLP! :) Good job everyone.

<3 Dani


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