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TLP Light Titans Launches Stream Team, GiveAways Galore!
Posted by Danitsia on October 5th, 2015

Five of the best streamers we all love to follow made the cut to be on our premier top professional stream team, TLP Light Titans and we officially made the announcement on October 1st, giving away tons of great prizes! Some really cool Razer Products and some gamer spending cash!

But wait... that's not all! Our guild has had a massive amount of applications to join the Streaming Revolution and we're looking to add two more teams to the roster! TLP Olympians and TLP Demi Gods will have spots for all our amazing gamers that want to join the professionals or just want to entertain and connect with other gamers.

TLP Olympians will be for the streamers currently already set up with Twitch and/or YouTube and want to put more time into it seeking the all elusive membership in TLP Light Titans, our pro team.

TLP Demi Gods is all our TLP members that want to casually stream for others but not necessarily looking for a professional sponsorship or to do this full time. They just want to connect with others on their own time.

We will be helping to support all our teams in varying different ways with TLP Light Titans at the very top, guiding and helping others like themselves.

TLP will be a force to be recokoned with on all fronts! We're so proud to have such dedicated folks as part of this amazing organization!

<3 Dani


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TLP-Ultima Online
TLP-Final Fantasy XIV
A1-A3 Distortions Down! A Razele Nonetheless [RP] TLP is Crazy for Chocobo Day!!!

With hard work and determination we have finish the first 3 distortions! Currently we have A1 on farm and can down A2 and A3 with little to no wipes. Congratulations to everyone who was involved.


My eyes lit up at the sight of poor little Naomi cradled in her mother’s hands at Monticello.  I could sense the rise of Va’lis’ rage as he turned on his heel.  I demanded of Cherry to lock down the line in Monticello to get all the Razele’s in the house immediately!  I followed Va’lis out as he ported over to Zento.  TLP got together to celebrate all things chocobo, but learned there was much more to our feathery friends than just leveling and dying colors. We decided to hit up the race tracks in the Golden Saucer, the premiere location for a variety of classic Final Fantasy minigames in FFXIV.
Read More > Posted by ABreeve on 10/8/15 Read More > Posted by Pandora de Romanus
on 10/5/15
Read More > Posted by Xenohart on 9/21/15
TLP Seeks to Form a Stream Team for Twitch TV
Posted by Danitsia on August 22nd, 2015

We are happy to be able to announce that we're going to be putting a Stream Team together of some of the best streamers in the business. Currently seeking 3 more professionals or members willing to stream professionally for TLP.

Streamers will have a contract with our company and must ensure to promote our brand at all times. Guidelines for streaming are being worked on as we speak and will be posted by September 3rd in our Leaders section.

With this endeavor I would also like to announce that Leviathan GG will be spearheading this effort and will be appointed as official Streaming Officer for our community on September 3rd. So anyone wanting to do live streaming for us will have to seek him out first to establish their goals and level of committment.

Remember that these positions come with great benefits to you personal in the form of partnerships, product sponsorships, cash payouts, monthly stippends and so on. So we urge folks to really think about how much time they are willing to devote to their stream.

<3 Dani


TLP: Skyforge Online Tops Out Over 130 Members
Posted by Danitsia on August 22nd, 2015

Steady progress! Just how we like it. ;)

Working on upgrading both our number of clans and number of clan slots in each clan, we are currently at 136/156.

Raiding through Operation Isabella every night, we have formed a steady 10m group and are working on forming our second and third group as we dominate through the instance with near perfection.

Our Clan Leaders (CL) are tasked with forming their raids and providing a schedule for their raids and a continuous report on raid members --- progress, stats, acclimation to the team, working with others, etc.

Our goal moving forward will be building solid hardcore 3v3 PvP Squads that have their own schedules for matches and a minimum completition quota per week. This will include ALL MEMBERS of TLP. All members will be subject to selection for a squad for PvP purposes. The experience will be needed for Pantheon Wars.

Our obelisks are at rank 2 and we're steadily working to upgrade them to rank 3. We're working to top them out before we unlock the Pantheon Wars. Wars have yet to be added to the game so no rush on that, but we want the obelisks to be at max rank before they are open.

To join this chapter, please seek out Panda Matrix in game or in TeamSpeak!

<3 Dani


TLP: Skyforge Online Chapter Formed
Posted by Danitsia on July 10th, 2015

Welcome TLP'ers!

We're announcing the official launch of our new Skyforge Chapter! Cips will be taking the GM role with Daehawk, Gabriael, and Lisbeth/Panda taking the Senior Officer positions. Currently looking for two officers --- one to handle recruitment and one to structure and organize the PvE dungeon groups/clans.

This game does not allow for OPEN RECRUITMENT, the guild has to be upgraded in order to open up slots, thus... folks will have to APPLY TO JOIN THE GUILD. Even current members, while they do not have to put in an application, will have to apply with either Cips himself, a Senior Officer, or a Recruitment Officer. There is currently a waiting list to join, so put in your application today!

Read all the details about this exciting new chapter here:


<3 Dani

Latest Screen Shots & Videos from TLP
Last Modified On September 21st, 2015

Skyforge Online

GM: Cips (Juicy Cips)
Server: North America
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: PvE/PvP
Members: 160+
Apply to join Skyforge.

Final Fantasy XIV

GM: Xenohart
Server: Faerie
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: PvE/Crafting
Members: 110+
Apply to join Final Fantasy XIV.

ArcheAge GM: Aphrael
Server: Kraken (US)
Faction: West (Human, Elven)
Style: PvE/PvP
Members: 100
Apply to join ArcheAge.
League of Legends TM: Phylenia
Team Lead: Demoneyez
Team Lead: Imadoomz
Style: MOBA/PvP
Members: 25+
Apply to join League of Legends.
Ultima Online

GM: Pandora (Danitsia)
Server: Catskills (US)
Guild Name: CoD
Style: Role Playing Only
Members: 14
Apply to join Ultima Online.

Camelot Unchained

Server: TBD
Faction: TBD
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: PvE/PvP
Alliances: TBDApply to join Camelot Unchained.

EverQuest Next

Server: TBD
Faction: TBD
Style: PvE/PvP
Alliances: TBDApply to join EverQuest Next.

World of Warcraft

GM: Danitsia
Faction: Horde
Server: Mannoroth (US)
Style: Casual PvE & PvP
Members: 20+

GM: Ocnarian
Faction: Horde
Server: Twisting Nether (EU)
Style: Hardcore PvE & PvP
Members: 315+

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