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GM: Danitsia
Server: TBD
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: PvE/PvP
Alliance: None.

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GM: Ocnarian
Faction: Horde
Server: Bleeding Hollow (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Hardcore PvE
Alliance: TLPAlliance

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GM: Danitsia
Faction: Horde
Server: Arthas (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Casual PvE
Alliance: None.

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GM: Pandora (Danitsia)
Server: Catskills (US)
Guild Name: CoD
Style: Role Playing Only
Alliance: Order vs. Chaos


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  TLP Christens the Aurora  
  Posted by Danitsia on September 18th, 2014  

On September 14th, both Tal and Stryfe got their brand new clipper boats. Unfortunately Tal couldn't be there, but we did get to christen Stryfe's boat, "The Aurora" and took her out for a spin. The end was filled with treacherous waters and Kennae was nervously keeping to the middle... she didn't want to get her hair wet (or loose her pack!). Xulle ended up thrown overboard a few times; I think swimming in open water should be a new skill. We did have a few others go over... and learned that one should never ever AFK on a boat!

When we got to our destination, Kennae proceeded to take her position (bent over, of course!) when several rival faction douches jumped on her. There was little we could do to save her from her fate (which really pisses me off and Trion has to fix that!) but one of those dumbasses started to AOE, so I had a nice little one on one action with that one, alas he was 34 and I was 22, so he beat me down but not before I got my licks on him!

Oh the joys of being part of TLP! :) Good job everyone.

<3 Dani

  Head Start Begins: Land Rush Incoming  
  Posted by Danitsia on September 12th, 2014  

Its finally here guys! Head Start for all the founders that shelled out some dough to play tomorrow will be able to log into the servers at 10:00 AM PST / 11:00 MST / 12:00 CST / 1:00 PM EST. Please be sure to patch the client as Glyph has the updates ready for you to download. You should not have to re-download the game.

PLEASE GET ON TEAMSPEAK, even if its just to listen! We will be coordinating all our efforts to get our housing and ships ASAP! Our FORUMS will have details on where and how to claim your piece of Notre Dame.

<3 Dani

  Alpha Shuts Down, Head Start on Horizon  
  Posted by Danitsia on August 29th, 2014  

As we say goodbye to Alpha, let's make sure we all stay CONNECTED. Please be sure to register on our FORUMS: the registration password is something we've put in as an anti-bot/anti-spam measure. Please just ask for it or look for it on our Steam Group. So be sure to join our STEAM GROUP that way we know when you are online and ready to game with us. Steam is also a great IM'ing program. Obviously we also have our TeamSpeak server, which will be our primary voice server for ArcheAge. You can download TEAMSPEAK and install it so you can be sure it works. Info on our server is found here on our home page; no password is needed.


Our guild will be using our Open Beta time to formulize the best strategy for launch and test out some theories. Open Beta starts on Sept. 4th at 10 AM PST / 1 PM EST. Please be sure you are IN TEAMSPEAK ON THAT DAY! We will annouce the server we'll be using on beta that day. Once we have a good strategy, we'll be able to get the most out of our head start. Our goal is to be well established by the time launch hits on the 16th and be able to help the members that could not get into the game early.

The big push for us is going to be LAND/RESOURCES --- land means we can farm and farms make the most money. One thing I have found out has been that crafting not only makes you the most money, it is one of the best ways to level up. We have outlined a preliminary strategy on our forums so please be sure to register and ask for access to Member Only forums.

See you guys in AA!

<3 Dani

  TLP-AA Welcomes New Members: What You Need to Know  
  Posted by Danitsia on August 29th, 2014  

Welcome to TLP guys! TLP has been around for almost 17 years and by the icons we have across the top here, you can see we've played almost every known major MMO out there.

If you got invited to our guild in the Alpha, stay a while... get to know us, we're funny, we're social, we love to party! Whether you are introverted or a complete extrovert, there is a place for everyone here in TLP.

First off, there are some basic ground rules:

The biggest rules for me is that the use of the "doube G" words is prohibited. By that I mean the fa**ot and the ni**er words or any variation or shorter form of those words. They are a hard-stance NO NO in any public, guild, or alliance chat channel. We are a multi-gaming guild with a variety of players and they engulf the players that are so very often offended by such words.

Secondly, just don't be a prick. Bottom line. We're saving our "prickdom" for our pirate guild, but even within that side guild we might do prickish things, but we certainly do not act prickish towards others. This includes general chats, anything public. I don't want to see people flame up the Faction or Nation or Trial channels... its just not us.

Now... you should take some time to register on our forums ( the registration password is: tlp4life ). Let me know if you do, and let me know the name you used so I can grant you access to private forums. You are more than welcomed to interact with us there. You also also welcomed to download TeamSpeak and use it for voice communication with other members. This is going to be a mandatory thing come launch. All members should be in TeamSpeak when in game. Ventrilo is a backup server.

In game, know that most folks will be ranked at "OFFICER" level (just for Alpha, come launch that will change) so that you can openly invite anyone that you feel would be a great match for TLP.

<3 Dani

  TLP Ventures Into the Land of ArcheAge  
  Posted by Danitsia on August 24th, 2014  

Daggerfall CovenantOur next endeavor will be the world of ArcheAge by the makers of Rift, TRION WORLDS. Obviously our Rift chapter was very successful, and we have a relationship with TRION.

We recieved 50 copies of ArcheAge: Founder's Pack that allows us access to Alpha and Beta throughout the testing phases, but also:

• Alpha & Beta Access
• 11,250 Credits ($75 Value)
• 4-Day Patron Head Start
• Title: "Trailblazer"
• 90-Day Patron Status
• 6 Daru Chests
• 10 Evenstones
• 10 Hereafter Stones
• Glass Phoenix Glider
• Desert Assassin Platemail
• Reagents to put your own crest in-game
• 10 Pet Healing Potions
• Founder's Cloak

These wonderful gifts were bought at a significant discount and we're just looking to get the initial investment back. The normal price for these is $149.99 each, but we were able to get a 50% discount and are offering them to our TLP'ers for only $74.98 each. But you have to hurry up! They are flying off our shelves!

If you want a code for one, please send us the $74.98 through PayPal at: paypal@tlp-guild.com. Once payment is made, contact me --- through Steam (@danitsia) or on ICQ (#608083009) or through email: dani@tlp-guild.com or pandora@childrenofdarkness.com --- and I'll get you all set up!

<3 Dani


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