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GM: Vallos
Faction: Daggerfall Covenant
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Hardcore PvP

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GM: Ocnarian
Faction: Horde
Server: Bleeding Hollow (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Hardcore PvE
Alliance: TLPAlliance

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GM: Danitsia
Faction: Horde
Server: Arthas (US)
Guild Name: The Last Prophecy
Style: Casual PvE
Alliance: None.

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GM: Cips & Ghost
Server: Isle of Janthir
Style: PvP Only

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GM: Pandora (Danitsia)
Server: Catskills (US)
Guild Name: CoD
Style: Role Playing Only
Alliance: Order vs. Chaos

To join our UO Chapter, an in character submission must be submitted on our forums. Contact the GM.

Community Members: 522 players, 817 characters

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Rift Goes Free To Play

  TLP-ESO Has Officially Launched for Early Access  
  Posted by Danitsia on March 30th, 2014  

Daggerfall CovenantSo Vallos has officially created the guild and we're all trickling in as on Sunday, March 30th. Official release for everyone is on April 4th, so anyone that did not pre-order may do so at that time. Please remember that we're on Daggerfall Covenant faction!

The forums have been created so stop in and say hello! If you need access to the private forums, please let either me (Dani), Kennae, or Vallos know. In addition to the forums our TeamSpeak is up and running for this chapter. Please see the information on connection on our Facebook page as well as on the announcements forum for TLP-ESO.

See you guys there!

<3 Dani

  TLP-ESO Will Be Formed At Launch  
  Posted by Danitsia on July 22nd, 2013  

It's official, we will be making an ESO chapter and Zhou will be part of the Trinity. Obviously, some of us are in beta at the moment and its still very raw. I feel the game needs a lil bit more polishing before release, but they are not planning to release the game before Spring 2014. We've got time! It does have a very "DAOC" type of feel to it and of course it would since Matt Frior is the lead producer for the game. As you guys know, Matt Frior led the Mythic team to its glory with DAOC. I have heard rumors of a "Darkness Falls" type of dungeon. It does seem to be a very beautiful world by Bethseda Softworks.

Here is the E3 Trailer and other videos for it in our VIDEO SPOTLIGHT section! :)

<3 Dani

  TLP-Rift Merges Into The Chosen, Closes Chapter  
  Posted by Danitsia on July 22nd, 2013  

Its a sad day for us in TLP-Rift, as we close this chapter. As much as we tried to keep the raid teams going, it just became too stressful for me to do it all alone. While I had some help, I did not have enough nor did I have anywhere near the leadership team I have had in previous chapters. A chapter needs a strong TRINITY (1 GM, 2 Co-GM's) to run it, at least 2-3 Officers, and class leaders that are passionate about seeing their people perform well and improve week to week, regardless of personal relationships.

We made the choice to merge into The Chosen (our sister guild) and effectively close TLP-Rift, so no more updates on Rift or its chapter site will be made. To visit the Chosen's website, please go to www.thechosenguild.net.

<3 Dani

  TLP Celebrates Nude Day!  
  Posted by Danitsia on July 1st, 2013  

Join us on July 14th @ 5 PM EST (2 PM Server) for a celebration of our birthday suits and a special run through Hammerknell Fortress!  Bring your chips, dip, and drinks to this grand occasion.  To reserve a spot for the raid (there are only 20 spots), please be sure to sign up HERE at our Raid Management site or if you are a non-guildies, please send me a private message through the Rift Forums.  This will be a fun event to celebrate INTERNATIONAL NUDITY DAY which is celebrated every year on July 14th!

<3 Dani

  TLP Does Pride 2013!  
  Posted by Danitsia on June 13th, 2013  

Come and join us as we celebrate our Lesbian, Gay, Bi-sexual, and Transgendered brothers and sisters on June 29th @ 4:00 PM EST (1:00 PM Server) in Tempest Bay Tavern for the TLP Pride Parade of Tempest Bay 2013. We ask that everyone proudly wears their rainbows... If you are LGBT, please wear as many colors of the rainbow as you can as part of your outfit! If you are a straight supporter of LGBT equal rights, please pick ONE COLOR of the rainbow to wear on that day. You can wear as many shades of that one color as you want.

The Parade will start at 4:30 and last for about 30 minutes. There will be punch and pie offered before the parade for your enjoyment! Ohhhh and don't forget the liquor!

EDIT: At the request of a lot of folks.... we're asking all attendees to wear whatever colors, be it single or multiple, they want to wear without any distinctions. If you have any questions or comments reply to them here: RIFT FORUMS THREAD. Also if you want to know the colors of the rainbow, see this WIKIPEDIA ARTICLE ON RAINBOWS.

<3 Dani


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