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How To: Manage Applications (Officers+)

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How To: Manage Applications (Officers+)

Postby Danitsia » Tue Jul 02, 2013 2:03 pm

Hey guys, thought I'd add in a quick manual on how we manage the applications that are filled in at our Raid Management site.

Click on the "NOTIFICATIONS" link on the top left corner, after the Logout link.

In the full list of applications, select the one you want to work on by clicking on the user name link.

There is a drop down for the status, usually set to "NEW". Keep the drop down in "NEW" if you have not yet invited the applicant to the guild.

The text box and "Change Status" button right below the status is used to send off an email to the applicant and save the new status. The text box can be used to write a message to the applicant. This can be left blank or if you want them to reach out to you directly, you could say "Send me a tell to have a chat and a possible invite." Its optional, so its okay if left blank. Once you invite the recruit to the guild, change the status to "IN PROGRESS" be sure to hit the "Change Status" button to save it. In the "INTERNAL COMMENTS" tab, add the date that you invited the applicant to the guild. All applicants to the guild stay in "IN PROGRESS" until after their 30 day probationary period ends, after that they are either "ACCEPTED" or "REJECTED" as full members.

STEP FIVE (Optional):
Scroll to the bottom of the application. There is a comments section. These comments are public and available to the applicant if they come back to their application. Be sure you do not put anything there that you do not want them to see as there is a private way to do that. Be sure to click on "Save Comment" to save it.

STEP SIX (Optional):
Clicking on the "Voting" tab (near the top right of the form), allows you to add in your vote to the application. This cannot be seen by the applicant.

STEP SEVEN (Optional):
Clicking on the "Internal Comments" tab (near the top right of the form), allows you to provide comments privately about this application that are only visible to other class leaders, raid leaders, officers, and guild leaders.

- You can change the status to "IN PROGRESS" once you have spoken with the applicant either by PM's or through TS. Again hit "Change Status" to save the acceptance.
- NEVER delete any applications we have on file.

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